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The Kosher Consumer’s Guide to Shemita


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מאכלי חלב בשבועות (in Hebrew), in MMY’s Kol Mevaseret journal 5770

“Is This the Final Geula?”, Yom HaAtzmaut To-Go 5771 (Article on Religious Zionist ideology published by Yeshiva University for Israel Independence Day 2011)


A guest post on the Hirhuhrim Blog about the phenomenon of “secular Torah study” in Israel.

Between Bet Shaul and Bet David, in MMY’s Kol Mevaseret journal 5774


In the winter and spring of 5773 (2012-2013) I gave a weekly online class on “WebYeshiva” about King David.  The course covered the majority of the Biblical book of Shmuel, and also examined sections of other books including Divrei HaYamim, Ruth and Tehillim.   The entire archive of 17 hours of classes can be downloaded in audio or video formats from WebYeshiva.

Also, among the many items in my Shiurim archive is a series of twenty lectures I gave in 2013 on the Laws of Kashrut, providing a clear and comprehensive overview to the various laws and procedures governing kosher food and a kosher kitchen.  There is also a series of ten classes on Tehillim, and a series of lectures I gave at Matan about King Shlomo.

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