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See Israel through the lens of Torah

Trips to or in Israel can be extraordinary experiences.  Of course, like any holiday or vacation they should be relaxing, exciting and enjoyable – but in Israel there is also an entire other dimension. A tour anywhere in this country provides unparalleled opportunities to learn, feel, and be inspired by what I like to call “Torat HaAretz” – the special ways we can learn Torah in the land, and the lessons that the land itself can teach us

As a professional tour guide who is first and foremost a Torah educator, I specialize in this type of fun educational tour.  I guide individuals, families and groups of all ages and backgrounds, and create a customized program for each one

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Whether you are looking for a themed multi-day tour or something very specific on a single day, I work with groups of all sizes to design the perfect tour for your needs and interests.

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I also can arrange itinerary, accomodations, transportation, and everything else you need for your Israel trip.

Please be in touch using the contact form below. Let’s start building your tour together!

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