Public Speaking and Scholar in Residence

When I am welcomed to speak to your orgainization or community, I aim to shed light on areas of Torah that are specifically relevant to you. I have a large collection of previous topics and lectures, but I always enjoy speaking to the heart of the community exploring new ideas. 

Please be in touch using this form. 
Let’s discuss how I can inspire your group!

Areas of Specialization

Tanach (Bible)


Halacha (Jewish Law)

Jewish Education


The Land and State of Israel

Contemporary Jewish and Israeli Issues

Israel’s Geopolitical Situation and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Sample Lecture Titles

Am Levadad Yishkon – A Paradigm Shift for Orthodox Jewish Thinking

A Contemporary Perspective on “Atchalta D’geula”

Visions of Isaiah and Ezekiel – How Close are We?

The Bet HaMikdash and Us – Contemporary Relevance

Relating to The Temple Mount Today – Halakhic, Philosophical, and Practical Considerations

Yom HaAtzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim in Halacha and Hashkafa

Should Israel be a Democracy? – Torah Sources on Political Theory

Shemita and Yovel as Socio-Economic Policy

Possible Alternatives to the Two-State Solution

Torat HaAretz: Torah Insights Learned “On Location” in Israel (NOTE: this topic is ideal for a Saturday night melave malka or Sunday brunch, where it can be accompanied by a slide show and short videos)

Reflections on Several Decades of Women’s Torah Education – What Have we Accomplished, and Where are we Headed?

Women in the Public Sphere – Halacha, Tradition, and Innovation

A Tale of Two Cities – Hebron and Beersheva as Complementary Paradigms in the Book of Bereishit

Chronology and Sequence in the Book of Shmot – Two Rabbinic Views

Bet Shaul and Bet David: Conflicting Models of Leadership

Laws of Shabbat – Women’s Obligation in Kiddush and Havdallah

Halachic Boundaries of Eretz Yisrael

Tisha B’av – Eicha, Kinot and the Psychology of Mourning

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