Nine Days Walking Tour

From Ramban to Nissim Gini:
700 Years of Sacrifice for Jerusalem

with Rabbi Alan Haber

Friday morning, 5 Av / July 28 (Erev Shabbat Chazon)
9:00 – 12:30

Walk through some lesser-known areas in and around Jerusalem’s Old City, while gaining a deeper understanding of intense efforts made over many centuries to maintain a Jewish presence in the holy city.

We’ll begin with a walk outside the walls, examining remains that remind us of many periods in the city’s long history. Then, we’ll visit Mt. Zion and the Jewish Quarter, focusing on the renewed community established by the Ramban in the thirteenth century.  We’ll tell the story of this community’s growth and development, the challenges and difficulties it faced, through the fall of the Old City in 1948, symbolized by the tragic story of 10-year old Nissim Gini, recognized as the IDF’s youngest fallen soldier.

The walk begins at Zahal Square (outside the Old City walls opposite Jaffa Road) and will end in the Jewish Quarter

Cost: 75 shekels or $20

Wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat; bring water and sunscreen

Advanced Registration Required.
Please email: